Technical Specs

Deep Ocean Boards

For one of the best all-round boards on the market, we needed the best all-round construction. BEAST TECH features a fully moulded PVC sandwich lay up with additional biaxial fibreglass reinforcement in the standing area. BEAST TECH represents the perfect balance of durability and flex, all in a lightweight easy to use package.
If you’re looking for a tough construction that won’t break the bank, then FUSION TECH is for you. FUSION TECH uses the same sandwich technique as DEEP’S Pro Race Tech, but with an inner middle layer. The process also includes multiple strap mounting points, an FCS deck mount and is finished off with a simple, yet eye catching block colour scheme.

Now in its third year, PRO SURF VECTO TECH is our go-to construction for all things surf. Featuring an EPS foam core, carbon ribbon bottom stinger, base carbon vector mesh wrap and finished with trial glass layers makes for the perfect balance of flex, strength and a lightweight ride. The Vector Mesh Surf Tech is featured in DEEP’s JC Pro Surf and Longboard, mv2, SUP Foil and SURF Foil models.

From a distance it may look to be just another eye catching DEEP race board, but up close you’ll notice the finer details that make the PRO RACE TECH our most premium construction initiative to date. We’ve added a new lightweight, extra stiff carbon to our tried and tested sandwich layering. The deck layup will continue to have our two- tone rub backed iconic colours, while the bottom will utilise a single layer rub back. This allows for precious weight saving and also shows off the heart of the Pro Race Tech. All models will include multiple reinforced strap mounting positions and a new FCS deck mount for secure mounting of your GPS or paddle tracker.