Compact Surf


Pro Surf Vector Tech

7’4 x 27 ½” x 4 1/8 @ 98L
7’10 x 28 ¾ x 4 ¼ @112L
8’2 x 30” x 4 3/8 @ 127L

This unique shape takes inspiration from some of the new waves of thinking within the surfing world. Our research over the past few years has led us to refine the original Minion to a high performance SUP. This shape gives the rider the ability to surf a board shorter in length and narrower in width, enabling acceleration from the wider tail, straighter rails and complex bottom shape. The MV2 tail with its five fin positions, deep double concaves, channels and double swallow tail outline, is purely designed to give more bite and positive control when you want to turn tight with speed and confidence. A wide tail and wide nose means you are getting the most out of the volume to give you a stable platform for a small board.

What we all love about this board, aside from the speed and high performance ability, is that it is fun and this is what surfing is all about.


Pro Surf Vector Tech

Fin Setup

Futures x 5

Riding Style

Performance Surf

Now in its third year, PRO SURF VECTO TECH is our go-to construction for all things surf. Featuring an EPS foam core, carbon ribbon bottom stinger, base carbon vector mesh wrap and finished with trial glass layers makes for the perfect balance of flex, strength and a lightweight ride. The Vector Mesh Surf Tech is featured in DEEP’s JC Pro Surf and Longboard, mv2, SUP Foil and SURF Foil models.