Jackson Close Pro Surf

Performance Surf


Pro Race Tech

8’6 x 29 ½” x 4 ¼ @ 111L
8’8 x 30” x 4 ¼ @ 116L
8’10 x 30 1/2 “ x 4 3/8” x 124L
9’0 x 31” x 4 3/8” @ 128L
9’2 x 32” x 4 3/8” @ 138L

With multiple Australian SUP surfing titles, Jackson Close is one of the best stand up surfers in the world. We have worked closely with Jackson to shape this elite and high performing board. Volume is distributed evenly throughout the board, with a flat deck for comfort, yet the rails are pulled down to give the board bite and drive. The rocker has been refined to make the board hold speed between turns and the outline gives the board balance.

This design has won two Aussie titles for Jackson and after many hours in the shaping bay refining rockers, outline, rails and fin positions, we are confident that this is an elite model for surfers who want the best out of their board.


Pro Surf Vector Tech

Fin Setup

Futures x 5

Riding Style

Performance Surf

Now in its third year, PRO SURF VECTO TECH is our go-to construction for all things surf. Featuring an EPS foam core, carbon ribbon bottom stinger, base carbon vector mesh wrap and finished with trial glass layers makes for the perfect balance of flex, strength and a lightweight ride. The Vector Mesh Surf Tech is featured in DEEP’s JC Pro Surf and Longboard, mv2, SUP Foil and SURF Foil models.