Fireball v2

Flatwater Race


Pro Race Tech

14” x 21” @ 217L
14” x 23” @ 238L
14” x 25” @ 257L

The 14’ Fireball V2 is an outstanding flat water board that has only one purpose… to burn speed! The rocker, outline and bottom shape have been designed to glide through water and create as little resistance as possible. A very low entry rocker to increase water line flows into a rolled bottom with clean high rails. A sunken deck gives the paddler a lower centre of gravity to aid in stability and has an open back to release any water.

The outline has a sharp pulled in nose for a clean entry with a wide tail for a stable platform. With a lightweight carbon construction, this board is built for speed and glide.


Pro Race Tech

Fin Setup

US Fin Box

Riding Style

Flatwater Race

From a distance it may look to be just another eye catching DEEP race board, but up close you’ll notice the finer details that make the PRO RACE TECH our most premium construction initiative to date. We’ve added a new lightweight, extra stiff carbon to our tried and tested sandwich layering. The deck layup will continue to have our two- tone rub backed iconic colours, while the bottom will utilise a single layer rub back. This allows for precious weight saving and also shows off the heart of the Pro Race Tech. All models will include multiple reinforced strap mounting positions and a new FCS deck mount for secure mounting of your GPS or paddle tracker.